Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sacrarmentary Abolishment - River of Corticone (1996)

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: Canada

When it comes to blackened death metal, their are very few countries that keep pumping out quality material quite like Canada does. Blasphemy, Conqueror, Axis of Advance, Antediluvian etc.. Despite all the contenders, Sacramentary Abolishment is definitely one of the best. There are so many different variables as to why these guys (and this album in particular) rule. Like most blackened death metal, River of Corticone is (mostly) an incredibly fast affair accented with with mid-tempo grooves to destroy your room to. What really makes this stand out are two things - the fact that these guys delve into uncompromising doom sections and the fact they actually use melodic interludes to offset the band's usual destructive selves. Overall, an amazing, underrated release.

Ohhh, Canada

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marduk - Fuck Me Jesus (1991)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden

grab those handlebars and go for a ride with jesus at your side

take the wheel

Guidelines - Guidelines EP

Genre: Screamo
Country: United States

One of my favorite all-time screamo releases. These guys have a way of being both incredibly dirty and insanely pretty at the same time. Some of the melodies these guys create just twinkle out this fucking world. Not only that, but the filthy production definitely adds dimension to their odd style of spastic riffage. Oh and did I mention they have two vocalists? Cause they do, and the way they play off each adds such an exciting element to this release. Get this.


Arnaut Pavle - Demo (2013)

Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Finland

Long known for their mystical ways in the dark arts of extreme metal, Arnaut Pavle continues the tradition of a good ol' Finnish ass-kicking. It would be very easy to dumb this down and call it JUST raw black metal, but really, this demo is so much more. Where some songs like "Drop The Coffin" bury you in an avalanche of snowy riffage and punk-fueled drumming, closing song "Answer" is melodic in the best and most epic ways while still retaining the band's inherent rawness. One of my favorite releases this year for sure.


Cornigr - Relics Of Inner War (2012)

Genre:Black Metal
Country: Finland

Simultaneously one of the best and most overlooked black metal releases from 2011. When it comes to raw black metal with an oppressive atmosphere, Cornigr gets it done RIGHT. My favorite parts of this release are split into two things: the vocals and the production. Vocally, Cornigr eschew the shrieks and go for more of a barking or howling vocal style, but it definitely still fits the feel of the music. The production is obviously "poor" but that only enhances the atmosphere. Do yourself a favor and GET THIS.


Grand Mood - Final Urge To March (2011)

Genre:Blackened Punk
Country:United States

Black metal and punk go together like expired cheese and stale crackers - PERFECTLY. While nowadays there are PLENTY of these kinds of bands flooding the market, I find Grand Mood to be a bit better than most. They just have a more "epic" feel about them, despite the fact that they really don't do anything THAT much different. Don't make that excuse to ignore these guys though - this is very, VERY much worth checking out.

Blackend Punks On Dope

Prosanctus Inferi - Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night (2013)

Genre:Black/Death Metal
Country:United States

It's almost amazing to me that this is the same Prosanctus Inferi that's released albums like Sacreligious Desecration in Excelsis and Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitations - this is easily their most mature and thoughtful outing to date. On Noctambulous Jaws... this blaspheming duo from Ohio really lets their love of Incantation (and to a greater extent, death metal in general) shine. Don't get me wrong - there is still the pungent odor of black metal lingering all over this thing, but the death metal influence really takes precedence here. It's kind of like if Incantation and Angelcorpse had an abortion together, so you can just imagine; filthy downtuned riffing and a blitzkrieg pace punctuated by those crushing, crawling moments. Overall, this is definitely not an album you want to sleep on.

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