Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Internal Rot - "Mental Hygiene" (2014)

Genre: Grindcore
Country: Australia

Internal Rot is a grindcore band from Australia. They play old school styled grindcore that consists of distorted riffs, unrelenting vocals and savage-like drumming. Features members of Agents Of Abhorrence, Roskopp and Super Happy Fun Slide.

Mental Hygiene

Zelienople - "Show Us The Fire" (2015)

Genre: Slowcore (with touches of drone and ambient)
Country: United States

From their bandcamp: Show Us The Fire is Zelienople’s first album for Chicago’s Immune Recordings and shows the band taking a more simplified approach to recording. These songs were written with live performance in mind, with each band member sticking to their primary instrument on every song. It is also the first release where Ha played an equal role in the band for every song. Zelienople, like Codeine before them, are masters of hushed anxiety, burying anger and discontent under layers of reverb and masking it with slow tempos. Many of the lyrics on Show Us The Fire focus on themes of wealth inequality and call for revolution, rooted in a call for social justice but also brimming with frustration. It is about the transcendence of hardships, not a wallowing in them. The effect is unsettling but beautiful.