Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hayaino Daisuki - Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell, or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki? (2010)

Genre: Melodic Thrash / Grind
Country: Japan

With the final installment of Jon Chang's illustrious career pretty much ringing in my ears almost constantly since release day (i'm obviously talking about Gridlinks third and final album Longhena), i've been dipping back into other installments of mr Chang's work that also adorn my collection.  This the second of the two ep's released by Hayaino Daisuki is creeping back into heavy rotation also, 4 tracks over 13 minutes if hyper speed thrash grind with a melodic edge that can't help but put a massive shit eating grin on your face.  As fun as it is fast and chaotic, great stuff.



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