Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cirrhus - Cirrhus (2014)

Country: United States
Genre: Raw Black Metal

After years of demo and rehearsal tapes, CW Production's favorite group Cirrhus have finally unleashed their debut full-length album upon the world, and spoiler alert - it fucking rules. It's what you would expect; siix tracks of furiously melodic, yet raw as HELL black metal, punctuated by bursts of punk-fueled riffage.  The balance between the two is perfect, utilzing repetition, and then justifying it with hooks that you'll be humming to yourself a few hours later. The music is "epic" without the cheese usually associated with the term, and it's because of all this and more, that I think   Cirrhus may be the group's strongest set of songs to date. Fucking recommended.

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