Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vaura - Selenelion (2012)

Genre: Black Metal, Post-Punk, Post-Rock
Country: United States

This isn't exactly obscure or anything, but it sure is under-appreciated and overlooked. I can see there being a lot of hype for this seeing as this has Toby Driver in the band among others, but it seems people's expectations were a little bit too high because of it. Regardless, this is an excellent release as long as you don't expect it to blow your mind. It sort of has that black metal / shoegaze feel but it's more of an influence more than it is integral to their sound. They also switch between the gruff harsh vocals and the gothic post-punk kind of vocals similar to The Cure. It's a pretty unique in its own right, just don't expect some avant-garde type of thing. It's just good for what it is.


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