Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Demonic Sacrifice - Enter The Realm of Pure Darkness (1997)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: United States

I'm so totally stoked that I found a link for this to share with you guys - ever since the downfall of the almighty Megaupload and Mediafire faggin' it up by taking down almost every link known to man, I thought this release would be lost in the annals of history forever. Luckily, I was wrong. Demonic Sacrifice is an old school death metal band from New York who specialized in super groovy, beatdown-form of the genre. Think Suffocation but less technical. That may sound like a bad thing but it isn't - instead of pouring their talents into righteous technicality, these guys just pummel the living fuck out of you for 10 tracks.


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  1. Think Morpheus Descends is what I think you were trying to get at.