Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Black Twilight Circle - Tliltic Tlapoyauak (2013)

Genre: Black Metal/ Death Metal/ Doom
Country: United States

Shrieking into full view this year came California's infamous Black Twilight Circle, having remained quiet for some time with talk even of the label having ended all together they returned with this.  They bring to us a label compilation not too dissimilar to the original Worship Black Twilight compilation, only this time they have expanded their roster as well as honing their skills if you will.  One song is contributed from every band on the label along with a few new faces that carry as much blackened menace as the already established BTC bands.  A full 16 songs grace this comp with the more established BTC bands turning in some amazing performances delivering their best work so far (Arizmenda, Axeman, The Haunting Presence), while the new bands go a long way to showing why the labels future is in safe hands (Kampilan, Acualli).  This new label compilation affirms their place at the top of the US black metal underground and leaves no doubt about what should be a great future for the label.  Put simply if you have any interest in black metal you owe it to yourself to hear this, the original tape was sold on tour but a further physical release is planned at some point through The Ajna Offensive on double LP and double CD.

Tape 1  Tape 2

One of the best black metal releases of last year without doubt.

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