Sunday, January 12, 2014

Skógr - Skógr Demo (2013)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: United States

A band that has seemingly gone unheard since their arrival towards the latter stages of 2013, this their solitary demo goes a long way to showing that a black and great  future surely lies ahead for this US duo.  A great cold guitar tone punctuated by the tortured rasps of vocalist Thorfinn Balor reminds me of early Norway (in a good way) while the occasional breaks and forays into acoustic melodies hint at further enticing possibilities from this project.  This really is great stuff and with a propper full length release having recently been put out (which is also awesome) and with a second already in the works, this is one demo that you don't want to sleep on as it's only limited to 30 copies although there is talk of a repress possibly in the future.



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