Sunday, October 5, 2014

Mr Twin Sister - Mr Twin Sister (2014)

Genre:Dream Pop
Country: United States

I've been on a huge dream pop kick lately, and Long Islander's Mr Twin Sister has really been hitting the spot. Rarely has the genre been portrayed in such a sexy, sultry way; Andrea Estella's alluring, smokey vocals perfectly compliment the music that juxtaposes disco guitars with sleek 80's bass-lines and hints of electronica. The production is amazing, creating a veil of haziness that supplements the instrumentation into creating a trance-inducing atmospheres. This is definitely an album best enjoyed while relaxing, head back and eyes closed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't procure a download link, but this album is too good to go unheard, so here is the Pitchfork(ew) stream: In The House of Yes

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