Saturday, October 18, 2014

Whirr - Pipe Dreams (Redux) (2014)

Genre: Shoegaze
Country: United States

Nothing too different from this and the original version but I think that the slight differences make a noticeable difference. There's no annoying hissing sound like in the buildup to "Wait" and the in "Reverse". The guitars seems a bit louder which helps bring out the vocals drowned in reverb. The most important difference is definitely the tracklist. Reverie serves as an interlude between "Bogus" and "Wait" which actually sounds better in execution than in theory while "Hide" becomes the closer. There seems to be a better balance between the faster and more energetic songs with the moodier songs on both ends of this album which works in its favour since I though Pipe Dreams was a little bit all over the place. Either way, both versions are solid but I think it's best to go with the redux over the original.

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