Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Arizmenda - Without Circumference Nor Centre (2011)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: United States

With the imminent release of Arizmenda' third full length i've been listening to their two previous albums in preparation, although this second full length didn't quite live up to the high standards set by the first (but really what could!?) it is still a brilliant and damn fine black metal release in it's own right.  Maligned by some because of it's bass heavy and at time washy sound and loved by others in equal measure for the same reasons, this version we have here is the pro tape version that was released by dismal cursings.  The difference that hits you when you first listen to it compared to the original release is the clarity of it all, the sound has been cleaned up a touch (not detrimentally) and has in turn breathed new life into what was already and amazing release.  Subtle hints of tortured melodies peak through the darkness of the abyss while the true nature of the compositions and arrangements become more apparent, all of this leads to a new found appreciation of an album that already had been held in such high regard.



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