Friday, August 1, 2014

Cara Neir - The Overwatch (2014)

Genre: Black Metal/Hardcore/Screamo
Country: United States

Cara Neir are easily one of my favorite bands of the past few years. Watching them develop their style has been a joy, not only because they are consistently amazing, but also unpredictable. Stagnant Perceptions was black metal with a screamo twist. Portals To A Better, Dead World was screamo with a black metal twist. Sublimation Therapy explored hardcore and all of its variants, and their splits usually fall into the "post-black metal" category, featuring some heavy shoegaze influences. The Overwatch combines the black metal/screamo style of their full-lengths with the brevity and pure aggression of Sublimation Therapy. It's gr1m and hxc all at once; the cohesion between the different styles is as fluid as always. Definitely not something to sleep on.

Portals to Sublimation Therapy

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