Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bone Awl - Meaningless Leaning Mess (2007)

Genre: Black Metal/Punk
Country: United States

Bone Awl have been hard at work creating some of the noisiest, filthiest, blackened filth since 2002; however, nothing they've ever done compares to Meaningless Leaning Mess. Though often credited as the scene leaders of blackened punk along with Sump, Sexdrome, and Grinning Death's Head, if it weren't for Bone Awl, none of the those bands would exist, as well as a thousand others that currently occupy the dark depths of the current black metal scene. They may be mentioned quite frequently, but I don't really feel like anyone really, REALLY appreciates how so much of the raw and punk-y black metal today stems from this heinous duo, and their apocalyptic take on two of music's most anti-social genres. It's hilarious because this release -and to a greater extent the whole discography of Bone Awl - is nothing but horribly produced three chord anthems that most people would consider to be absolute garbage. But that's also what makes them so awesome; there is no pretense, no kind of hook to draw people in... just one song after another of oddly catchy punk songs you can croak along too. Meaningless Leaning Mess is pure misanthropy set to d-beat drums, and crusty guitar riffs, and yet somehow it's become one of the most influential pieces of music to permeate black metal culture in decades. Recommended.

It's All Death

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