Monday, January 11, 2016

SQRM - Rodeo (2010)

Genre: Noise Rock/Hardcore
Country: United States

A few years back I wrote a ridiculously hyperbolic review for this album, where I meticulously deconstructed every aspect of it, from the cover, to the closing notes of "You Still Can't Live"; needless to say that review was a pretentious piece of shit. I went on to state how SQRM would change the face of hardcore with their downtempo and depressive style, and though I was DEAD WRONG, this is still one of my favorite hardcore albums ever. I love how fucking ugly it is. The album drips with a palpable sense of loathing - both self and outward; this is not your dad's hardcore record. The guitars drag themselves hopelessly from one transition to the next, moving to the beat of primitive percussion and asylum-worthy howls. The lyrics on this are either genius or ridiculous; it walks the line so perfectly, you're only left with the ambiguity. That's kind of what makes it so special though. Highly recommended (unless you're depressed, than you may want to steer clear.)


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